Date: 26th May 2016
Graphite Braided Packing
Braided Packing?Compression packing is rigorously tested to ensure reliable,Website:http://www.eptfe-industry.com, cost-effective sealing in valves,?pumps, agitators and other rotary equipment. The Clean Air Act prompted use of more exotic?synthetic materials, such as carbon/ graphite, Kevlar, PTFE.ect.?Graphite Packing With PTFE?Temperature:?In Atmosphere:-300?F / -185?C to 850?F / 455?C?In Steam: up to 1200?F / 650?C?PH Range:0 to 14?Speed:4000 fpm / 20 m/s?Pressure:?Pump: 500 psi / 34 bar?Valve: 2500 psi / 170 bar?Material: graphite filament,light PTFE?Construction: lattice braid?Application Media: chemicals,solvents, corrosives, gases, water,steam, ammonia,?air, oils, paper stock, liquor, condensate, boiler feed water?Equipment: rotating & reciprocating equipment, valves, soot blowers,expansion joints?Industry Served: Chemical & Pharmaceutical, Power Generation,Oil & Gas,?Pulp & Paper, Municipal / Wastewater, Mining & Minerals, Steel & Metals