Date: 26th May 2016
RF PTFE Gasket
Pure PTFE Gasket Virgin PTFE is by far the least expensive of the three varieties,Website:http://www.eptfe-industry.com, and is used in most general applications. Filled PTFE is a gasket material with a virgin PTFE base to which a substance is added during manufacture to improve the sealing characteristics of PTFE . This "filler" usually is glass or graphite particles although ceramics has sometimes been used. The resulting gasket material is strong, yet highly compressible with very good, though not universal, chemical resistance. PTFE RF Gaskets cut from sheet,rod and pipe PTFE has good aging stability,low abrasive coefficient,high-temperature-proof,strong-corrosion-proof,electric insulation.As a sealing element it can be used in flange joints of various equipments and pipes in chemical industry,power generation,food-producing industry,medicine industry and has good anti-creeping performance.The unloaded operating temperature range is -180?C ~+ 260?C?? ?1.100% Virgin PTFE RF Gasket ?2.Temperature:-180?C-260?C ?3.Density:2.2g/cm ?4.Tensile Strength ? 15.0 Mpa ?5.Approve:FDA.ROHS,MSDS ?6.TUV Drawing: